Officers Subject to Recall:

  • Members of boards of education, city council members.

Key Steps in the Recall Process:

  • No recall election may be held during the 90 days before or the 90 days after a municipal election.
  • No specific grounds are required.
  • No time limit for gathering signatures.
  • Signature requirement is number equaling 66% of the total vote cast for the candidate receiving the highest number of votes at the last election.

Read the code at Tenn. Code Ann. §6-31-301.

Court Activity

Ruling Due on Recall Effort against Chattanooga Mayor

News & Commentary

Ruling Due on Recall Effort against Chattanooga Mayor | 08/30/12

A ruling on the recall effort against Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield should happen within weeks. The Tennessee Court of Appeals heard from attorneys on August 29 in Knoxville and promised to give a decision as soon as possible with a November election looming 21/2 months away, said Chris Clem, attorney for the Hamilton County Election Commission

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Each state has its own requirements as to the manner in which petitions must be collected, signed and filed. It is imperative that official recall committees are legally formed in each state according to the state laws and regulations. The handling of the petitions must comply with the laws and regulations of each state.