Officers Subject to Recall:

  • None.

Key Steps in the Recall Process:

  • Pennsylvania has neither recall nor initiative process. In 2011, HB 922, a statewide recall bill, never got out of committee. See details and encourage legislators to co-sponsor the bill next year.

Court Activity

No current cases.

News & Commentary

How Do You Recall a Philadelphia Politician? You Can't | 04/30/14

Most states and major U.S. cities have a recall process through which voters can remove an elected official from office. And this happens not infrequently: 2011 saw at least 150 recall attempts across the country, with more than 50 mayoral recall efforts. And who can forget the recall campaign in California that led to the installation of Arnold as governor there?

But in Philadelphia -- the Birthplace of Freedom, the Seat of Democracy -- you can't recall anyone. Not the mayor, not members of City Council, not the district attorney. It's quite literally impossible. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Read more at Philadelphia Magazine.

Each state has its own requirements as to the manner in which petitions must be collected, signed and filed. It is imperative that official recall committees are legally formed in each state according to the state laws and regulations. The handling of the petitions must comply with the laws and regulations of each state.