Officers Subject to Recall:

  • Municipal commissioners and mayors.

Key Steps in the Recall Process:

  • No restrictions on when a recall petition may be commenced.
  • No specific grounds are required.
  • No time limit for gathering signatures.
  • Signature requirement is number equal to 3% of the inhabitants of the municipality according to the last federal census who are qualified to vote for a successor (§11-44-130). Signature requirement is number equal to 30% of those who voted in the last election (§11-44E-168).

Read the code at Ala. Code §11-44-130 — 11-44-134.

Court Activity

No current cases.

News & Commentary

Alabama Representative Wants Bill to Allow Recall | 04/01/16

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) -- Representative Will Ainsworth continues his research to complete a bill allowing for a recall election but he also feels other options are on the table.

If Will Ainsworth has his way a recall election bill will become a reality in Alabama but that won't happen overnight.

Ainsworth feels other options are still possible for embattled Governor Robert Bentley.

He feels the first is for the governor to resign and the second is articles of impeachment proposed by Representative Ed Henry.

Ainsworth says a recall election bill would give the citizens an option if a politician doesn't fulfill their obligations.

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Viewpoint: Proposed Alabama Recall Law Would Not Be Misused | 04/01/12

With the Alabama Senate considering a recall law for all officials throughout the state, voters could look north to the recall fights in Wisconsin and express some concern whether the state would become a brutal, political, three-ring circus. However, because of the way the potential Alabama law is structured, the likelihood of misuse is small.

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Each state has its own requirements as to the manner in which petitions must be collected, signed and filed. It is imperative that official recall committees are legally formed in each state according to the state laws and regulations. The handling of the petitions must comply with the laws and regulations of each state.