Recall: A New American Revolution

America is awash in near-instant communications technology and 24-7 media. Yet many politicians count on their constituents having short-term memories. These profligate politicians spend tax dollars recklessly and increase the size of government regardless of the public's growing concern over what this unsustainable debt will do the economy and to the next generations. Just before elections, the big-spending incumbents present themselves as budget hawks, with a compliant media fostering amnesia among the plucked taxpayers.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a progressive movement began to use recall to hold office holders more accountable. The impetus at that time was concern over the

political influence of monopolies of industrialists and banks. In our time, government and public employee unions have become major sources of corruption, creating bureaucracies insulated from the people who are paying for it all.

Recall can provide more accountability in between elections and put office holders on notice that they are being watched. Recall is now available to constituents in 18 states. Another 13 states have initiative procedures whereby petitioners could put recall measures on the ballot. provides each state's relevant laws, plus updated news and commentary on recall efforts around the nation.

Welcome to the new American Revolution.

Latest Recall News

Arizona Recall Election Adds Candidate

(08/24/15) — “GLENDALE -- After two attempts to get a recall on the ballot, the voters of Glendale will officially have a choice as long-time resident Ray Malnar submitted his paperwork Aug. 13 to the city clerk's office. He submitted 56 petition sheets with approximately 370 signatures, well over the 221 minimum needed to be placed on the ballot. "I haven't walked the entire district, but was easily able to collect the needed signatures to be placed on the ballot," Malnar said. "I am excited to get in there and show the citizens what I have in mind for Glendale." Malnar, a resident of Glendale for over 25 years, has owned a floor-maintenance business in town for more than 20 years and he was the first candidate to pull paperwork to challenge Gary Sherwood, who was targeted for recall last summer after he supported a $26 million agreement with the Tohono O'odham Nation for a tribal casino on the Glendale-Peoria border.”
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Recall Approved Against County Prosecutor in Washington State

(08/12/15) — “TACOMA, Washington -- Barring a reversal by the state's highest court, an effort to recall Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist will move forward. The recall petition was approved August 7 by Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Jay Roof, a visiting judge appointed to avoid potential conflicts of interest. In his ruling, Roof found legal and factual sufficiency for the charge that Lindquist abused his authority by "engaging in a vindictive prosecution of a Pierce County woman; withholding evidence, and obstructing justice." The Pierce County woman is former Longbranch resident Lynn Dalsing, charged with sex crimes in 2010 and 2014 by county prosecutors, and accused of molesting her 7-year-old daughter. Those charges have been dismissed twice, most recently in March by Superior Court Judge Edmund Murphy, who threw out charges of child rape against Dalsing due to prosecutorial vindictiveness. Prosecutors have appealed that decision. Vindictive prosecution was one of 12 charges leveled against Lindquist in the recall petition. Roof's ruling rejected the other 11 charges. The finding triggers a possible appeal by Lindquist to the state Supreme Court, which would have the final word. Lindquist isn't saying what he'll do. Asked for comment Friday, Lindquist replied with an emailed statement: "Our office charged Lynn Dalsing for one reason only -- evidence showed she assisted in the crimes of Child Rape, Molestation and Sexual Exploitation. Judges repeatedly found probable cause for the filing of these charges. "I'm confident the people of Pierce County will support our efforts to pursue justice for the young victims and for our community." Jeff Helsdon, attorney for recall proponent Cheryl Iseberg, replied with a statement of his own, noting that charges against Dalsing were dismissed: "Mr. Lindquist continues to trot out the false statement that he stacked new charges on Lynn Dalsing because there was new evidence. Unfortunately for Mr. Lindquist, two judges saw things very differently. ”
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Nebraska School Official Faces Recall Election

(08/18/15) — “CREIGHTON -- A member of the Creighton School Board will find out his fate Tuesday night. Voters in the Creighton School District are headed to the polls Tuesday to decide whether or not to recall board member Dan Morrill. The initial affidavit against Morrill was filed in April by Creighton resident Jody Fuchtman. Fuchtman cited in the affidavit a lack of communication between Morrill and residents of the district, as well as a failure to properly evaluate Creighton's superintendent among the reasons for the filing. Morrill responded in May, saying that he has worked to provide the best education possible for Creighton's students.”
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Gun Advocates Target Oregon State Senator

(08/05/15) — “ Douglas County gun owner Geno Zayas isn't happy with State Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene. At Zayas' Roseburg business, Geno's Auto Repair, he put up a sign last week welcoming members of Prozanski's District 4 to come in to sign a recall petition. District 4 covers most of North and East Douglas County, as well as parts of Eugene and South Lane County. Prozanski has served as its senator since 2003 and has been reelected three times. Zayas said he feels the senator has been "running amok," and it's time to remove him. He's not alone. North Douglas County residents were peppered in July with letters accusing Prozanski of pursuing an "extreme anti-liberty agenda" and asking recipients to sign the recall petition. The recall effort is backed by gun rights advocates, who object to Prozanski's sponsorship of a new law requiring criminal background checks for private gun transfers. Prozanski said the new law will help prevent gun violence. Recall supporters say it's an infringement of law-abiding citizens' right to bear arms. Gun rights advocates initially backed the recall of four legislators who favored the law. The recall effort against Prozanski is the best funded and the only one still in progress. ”
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